Our Program


program_1We have combined the best of traditional preschool teaching methods (curriculum based and teacher directed) with more modern research into early childhood learning and development (Emergent Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia).

Adventures offers children opportunities to engage in activities which they would be excluded from in reality.

For example; Flying a plane, practicing as a doctor, building skyscrapers, cooking for a busy restaurant, captaining a ship, managing a zoo or conducting experiments. Everyday they have the chance to be someone different!

How it works

Our program takes advantage of a child’s natural willingness to play and uses different types of play based scenarios to build on the children’s knowledge and skills.

program_2We program fun activities to ensure the more focused and traditional curriculum areas such as literacy, numeracy, science, arts, music, personal development, etc are also being introduced to the children at a level appropriate to their age and stage of development.

The program is flexible to ensure the emerging interests of individual children are included taking advantage of those natural “teachable moments”.

We observe children during free play sessions and planned activities, talk to parents and use the interests of the child to build a curriculum in which common concepts of language, numeracy, science,arts, etc are woven into future programs. The benefits of this approach mean that children have many, different opportunities to grasp a single concept or develop a skill rather than one opportunity that pressures children to “get it right the first time.”

Children will not feel pressured to “learn” and perform but will develop practical applications of a multitude of concepts being introduced, discovered and explored.