The health, safety and wellbeing of staff and children is paramount. An environment where children, staff and visitors feel valued, comfortable and supported provides the platform on which to build effective, nurturing and reciprocal relationships. Effective relationships in turn allow learning to be enhanced.

Our philosophy mirrors the key principles underlying the Early Years Learning
Framework for Australia:

Belonging (Wellbeing),
Being (Effective Relationships) and
Becoming (Enhanced Learning)

Principles to support our philosophy

  1. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia drives the learning curriculum.
  2. Children learn through play.
  3. Parents and staff work together to maintain an optimal safe, healthy and sustainable environment.
  4. Individual uniqueness is valued, diversity is respected and cultural competence is promoted.
  5. The voice of the child is respected and influences the content and delivery of Adventures’ learning programs.
  6. The views of parents and the community are welcome at all times and are included in shaping the learning experiences of the children.
  7. Regular assessment of learning outcomes and reflection of teaching practices will set the foundations for future program and policy development.
  8. The professional judgement of Adventures’ educators and their holistic knowledge of the child is respected and makes a significant contribution to the development of quality programs.
  9. Ongoing professional development is necessary to maintain educator’s knowledge and their ability to provide excellent care and education.
  10. Continuity of care is important for children to develop genuine relationships and a true sense of belonging.
  11. The protection of children is foremost and staff are mandated to report any child at risk of significant harm.