1. Can I get the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

Yes – Adventures Preschool is an “approved provider” you will be entitled to a means tested subsidy from the government if you are working, training or studying and your child is immunised. For conditions and information on how to access the subsidy and further information about your eligibility for the CCS contact the Family Assistance Office on 136150.

You can estimate your subsidy by accessing the Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator at www.education.gov.au/sites/education/files/chcare/est/index.html

2. Do I have to pay for public holidays?

We do not charge the gap payment for public holidays or the two week break over the Christmas/New Year period.

3. Do I pay if my child is absent?

We offer 2 weeks at 50% fees (pro-rata) if you advise us that you are taking your child out of care to go on a family holiday.  Please provide at least two weeks notice in writing to apply for this discount.

If your child is unwell and does not attend at short notice, fees are payable. Government child care subsidies (up to 42 absent days) are still applied for these absences.

4. What do I need to bring?

Formula or expressed breast milk for babies and any cereals/pureed food when starting solids.
At least one change of clothes for every child.
A hat and a labelled water bottle.
We will provide all meals, fruit, snacks, nappies, cot linen, activities, toys and resources.

4. How do I enrol?

Either call (02) 9875 3391 for the West Pennant Hills service or (02) 9481 7765 for the Pennant Hills service or download a Waiting List Application form