Adventures is the best ChildCare I’ve ever seen. I am already feeling a bit sad that my son has to graduate from here very soon! I’m sure he will treasure every day with the teachers at Adventures, which will leave him with wonderful memories as he is growing up – also for my whole family. Even his sister said  “Oh I wish I had been to Adventures myself when I was little! ”                              Parents of Preschool Child (4 days)


Our family felt extremely lucky to have had both of our girls attend Adventures. Their development intellectually and socially was amazing and beautiful to watch. A clear credit to the team in the way they have cared, loved and interacted with our daughters.                                                                  Parents of Preschool Child (2 days)


It still feels like yesterday when my daughter first started. I cannot believe what a fine little person she is growing into, and I owe this to all educators in Adventures. Enrolling her in Adventures is one of the wisest decisions we have ever made. How she behaves, talks and thinks often enlighten and warm me. Thank you again for your loving and professional work.  We can not be happier.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Parents of Preschool Child (5 days)

Dear Nerrilee,

On behalf of my family I just wanted to say thank you to you and the Adventures team for all that you have done so far and continue to do.

 The communication from Adventures has been excellent from the outset and has kept me reassured that you are keeping abreast of this rapidly changing situation and are doing all you can in what I imagine must be an incredibly difficult situation – as a business owner, an employer and a parent please know that we stand by you and the team and we support you with absolute faith that you are making decisions with everyone’s best interest at heart. That is no mean feat.

Nicki 2020 (COVID-19)

Our family felt extremely lucky to have had both girls attend Adventures.

Their development intellectually and socially was amazing and beautiful to watch. A clear credit to the team in the way they have cared, loved and interacted with our daughters.

I am thrilled with the care that my daughter receives at Adventures and she really loves it. Caring dedicated staff and a great child care facility.

We have experienced both good and bad child care centres in the past and Adventures has pleasantly surprised us.

Even her school aged brother loves coming with me because of the warm friendly environment there.

I would highly recommend it to anyone for their child.

Mother of Toddler/Preschool Child (5 days)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making our little girl feel so loved and valued, not to mention, many thanks for providing her with invaluable learning experiences.

As a “Teacher by Trade” I can definitely sense your passion for quality learning and teaching as well as your attention to focussing on the individual child and his/her needs and interests.

I have friends who also have children attend your centre and they feel the same way.  Other friends who send their children elsewhere are quite envious of the attention,care and education you are providing for our little ones!

So keep up the good work. We appreciate your hard work, energy and enthusiasm!  Many thanks for all that you do.

Mother of Preschool Child (2 days)

Just wanted to say thank you and your wonderful staff on the high level of care that is provided every day.  The girls never fail to amaze me  on the interaction they provide for both my boys who could not be happier when they are there…. The girls always go beyond the call of duty and bring a smile to our faces on the little things they do each day which is far beyond what is necessary. …(These things) make the level of care and personal approach superior to, I am sure, many child care places in the area..  …I cannot talk more highly of the place.

Parents of Preschool Child and Infant (4 days)

Thank you for the care and effort you have taken this year with preparing filling and nutritious meals for the children.  My boys never come home hungry and I am sure they are willing to eat a larger range of foods because of the delicious variety you prepare for them. And above all it has made my life so easy on preschool days!

Mother of Toddler and Preschool Child (2 days)

I have no words to describe how thankful we are for all the love and care you have given our son.  Your teachers have been exceptionally great for Noah’s confidence and development and are been very gentle and loving.  All three teachers have made Noah grow in the last month and he will not forget you!

Parents of Toddler Child (4 days)

I am very happy with (my son’s) development over the years that he has been at Adventures.  Recently, I have noticed that he has become more vocal in telling me what he has been learning and how this has influenced his attitude about caring for his teeth, drinking milk from a cup rather than a bottle at night and a whole lot of other positive attitudes from him.  I am amazed at how much learning he brings…home which makes it a lot easier for us working parents.  I hope that I will be able to send my second baby to Adventures as well.

Mother of Preschool Child (5 days)

You guys are doing an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier with the level of care the boys are getting. Well done.

Mother of Preschool and Toddler child (4 days)

It has been easy to drop the kids off every day knowing how well cared for they are going to be. I’m constantly astonished at their levels of learning and really appreciate the carefully crafted programs that you put together.

Mother of Preschool and Toddler child (4 days)