Toddlers – The Explorers

Our toddler room is for children aged 2 to 3.5 years old.

toddlers_1An age for the children to absorb sounds and meanings of words, develop fine and gross motor skills and lay the foundations of their personalities.

Now that they are on their feet they will learn to walk, hop, run, jump, gallop and skip as they practice and perfect their new skills.

Little fingers learn to thread beads, operate eye droppers for painting, manipulate writing instruments, mould play dough and build tall towers.

Our toddlers are provided with a variety of opportunities to take child-size risks within a safe environment. Physical experiences such as climbing, throwing and jumping and cognitive experiences such as experimenting with messy paints and child safe scissors.

Activities and programs for toddlers also focus on helping children move from solitary play to cooperative play as part of their social and emotional development. Carers aim to guide children as they learn to communicate their needs and wants effectively.

Daily programming focuses on areas including language enrichment, cognitive development, social-emotional development and physical development.